1. loieleve:

    Tyler’s trip to New York City.

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  4. mexicanflyer:

    Looking up at a girl’s skirt and a woman’s breasts is all fun, but making a straight male gamer kiss a guy for an achievement? Game developers are sick.

    Comments from X360Achievements.

    It makes me sick that we have come so far in gay rights movements, and game developers obviously recognize that, but the gaming community can’t recognize their homosexual brethren. For all the gaymers out there, this achievement is awesome, is it not? I wouldn’t complain about the other two achievements, and I don’t find women attractive. It’s a video game, it’s for entertainment, and achievements like that are entertaining.

    (via thebacklot)

  6. Beginnings of “The Watchful Whale”. What do ya think?

  7. Chalk is messy. But it’s pretty (: @katibutch @erinelliott

  8. And now it’s raining. (:

  9. I want to go to the #park but i need to charge my #iphone. #firstworldproblems #tanks #snapback #summer

  10. The spoils. #gaysummerweddings #fashion #express #bowtie #stevemadden

  11. Shopping makes me happy.

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